Nevada Wildfire Awareness Campaign

In Nevada, we know all too well that wildfires can occur at any time.  There is no longer a “wildfire season”, and residents must prepare now and stay prepared throughout the year.  Your Nevada Wildfire Awareness Campaign planning committee members are busy organizing events, activities, and promotional campaigns to help reinforce this message. Check back here as more events are added to the calendar, and plan to attend or participate in an event from May – October.

Assisted by grant funds from the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Division of Forestry and U.S. Forest Service, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension coordinates Nevada Wildfire Awareness Campaign (NWAC) each year. Additional funding from program partners, support from corporate sponsors and other in-kind funding all contribute to the effort. If you would like to get involved with NWAC 2021 or for more information, please contact the Living With Fire team at [email protected].

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If you have questions contact the Living With Fire team at [email protected]

During Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month (NWAM) 2019 there were 38 individuals from 22 entities who participated on the planning committee. The following is a list of planning committee members who are collaborating for NWAM 2020:

Bureau of Land Management

  • Elko District/Nevada State Office – Clint Mothershead
  • Carson City District – Kevin Kranz
  • Winnemucca and Battle Mountain Districts – Bradley Milam
  • Southern Nevada and Ely Districts – Zach Ellinger
  • Jacob Chadwick

Carson City Fire Department

  • Rodd Rummel
  • Dave Ruben

Clark County Fire Department

  • Larry Haydu

Community Leaders/Volunteers

  • Skyland Fire Adapted Community, Ann Grant
  • Silver Lake/Red Rock Community, Dale Hildebrandt

East Fork Fire Protection District

  • Amy Ray

Elko County Fire Protection District

  • Steven Hamilton

Eureka County Dept. of Natural Resources/Firewise

  • Magee Braswell

Fire Adapted Nevada/NDF

  • Marc Titus

Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

  • Mike Osborn

Nevada Division of Emergency Management

  • Corin Roth

Nevada Division of Forestry

  • Nate Barrons
  • Ron Bollier
  • Alan Castner
  • Marcus Lesbo
  • Anthony Seghieri
  • Brett Waters

Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities

  • Marc Titus

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District

  • Ryan Dominguez
  • Tia Rancourt
  • April Shackelford
  • Jeffrey Smith

NV Energy

  • Stefanie McCaffrey

Reno Fire Department

  • Tray Palmer

Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department

  •  Dale Hildebrandt

Skyland Fire Adapted Community

  •  Ann Grant

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District

  • Adam Mayberry
  • Brett Lee

U.S. Forest Service

  •  Jennifer Diamond
  • Withanee Milligan
  • Desi Hollingsworth

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

  • Living With Fire Program – Jamie Roice-Gomes
  • Living With Fire Program – Christina Restaino
  • Living With Fire Program – Megan Kay
  • Living With Fire Program – Christine Nazarechuk




Prepare a custom proclamation or resolution for your City, County, Municipality or Fire Department/District in support of the Nevada Wildfire Awareness Campaign 2021. For assistance, contact the Living With Fire team at [email protected]. Below are specific proclamation templates for various uses, and talking points for use during meetings or other presentations:

Below you will find links to promotional materials and other information we have available to help you organize and conduct an event in your community. Banners are available for FREE for your event (In Nevada), thanks to grant funding from the Bureau of Land Management – Nevada State Office, Nevada Division of Forestry, and U.S. Forest Service (please note that supplies are limited). Please use the online order form to request items as well as publications you may need. Thank you!


Sponsors will be mentioned after NWAC 2021.

The Summary Report linked below summarizes the events and activities that occurred as part of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month 2019, and includes a list of collaborators and participants on the planning committee, in-kind contributions and all events and activities by county. We’ve also include a summary Infographic, which you can download from the link below.  





  • Infographic
  • Multistate Proclamation
  • Poster
  • Summary Report


  • Multistate Proclamation
  • Poster
  • Summary Report


  • Multistate Proclamation
  • Nevada Proclamation
  • Poster
  • Summary Report


  • Multistate Proclamation
  • Nevada Proclamation
  • Poster
  • Summary Report


  • Multistate Proclamation
  • Nevada Proclamation
  • Poster
  • Summary Report






  • Nevada Proclamation


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