Aerial view of christmas trees in a lot with a chipper blowing chips

A Tree-mendous Way to Recycle Your Old Tree!

Aerial view of trees collected from KTMB’s 2019 event. Photo courtesy of KTMB. Have you ever wondered what to do with that old Christmas tree after the holidays? I’ve seen some folks shove their trees into their garbage can, others leave dead trees next to their home and others have dropped them in the desert […]

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A “Tree-Mendous” Way to Improve Forest Health

(Originally posted December 2019) Growing up in Southern California deprived me of the opportunity to harvest my own Christmas tree from the forest. To embrace my Northern Nevada residency, I decided to take my friends Joseph and Deborah, who were also new to the experience, to find the perfect Christmas tree. I was excited about […]

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The Ins and Outs of Open Pile Burning

A pile of vegetation after a resident improved their defensible space. Photograph courtesy of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. When maintaining or creating defensible space, property owners can end up with a large amount of leaves, weeds, branches and shrubs that need disposing of. As the mornings become brisk and the fall season approaches, some […]

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Prepare for Wildfire – Pack a To-Go Bag

Photograph Courtesy of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension My colleague shared her experience when a wildfire was approaching her community several years ago. “In the early morning hours, I woke to a nearby friend’s text saying ‘I can see the flames coming down the hillside. We’re evacuating!’  After racing out the front door, smelling smoke and […]

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Fireworks and Wildfire Preparedness

As July 4th approaches, it got me thinking of wildfire preparedness. Growing up in Nevada and celebrating Independence Day was about enjoying barbequed food with friends and family and settling down in lawn chairs to enjoy a professional fireworks display in the evening sky. However my husband’s upbringing in Oregon proved to be much different. […]

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