WUI Fire Summit

The Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit (WUI Fire Summit) was  held each year from 2007 until 2012, bringing together community, firefighter, and county representatives from each of the extreme-, high-, and moderate-wildfire hazard communities. During the Summit,  participants discussed ways to help reduce the wildfire risk to their communities and to promote action at the local level. To learn more about these past events, view the Summary Reports from each year’s effort in the Program Features section below.

Due to a lack of grant funding, the annual Summit was not held in 2013.  In May of 2014, instead of going back to the WUI Fire Summit, seven regional conferences were held in specific locations throughout Nevada.  You can view or download the report summarizing the results of the 2014 Living With Fire Regional Conferences.

The format was changed again in the Fall of 2014 due to the development of the Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities organization.  On October 24, 2014, The Network held it’s first annual conference, followed up with the second conference in Fall of 2015 and the third one in the Spring of 2017.  Plans are underway for the 4th Annual Conference, with details to be released soon. You can learn more on The Network page of this website.


WUI Fire Summit

WUI Fire Summit 2012 Presentations

When available, presentations from past conferences will be posted here.

Presentations from 2012 WUI Fire Summit




Summary Reports

You can learn more about these events by downloading or reading the Annual Report listed below.