WILDFIRE! Prepare. Anticipate. Evacuate.

A picture that says Wildfire! Prepare. Anticipate. Evacuate. The word evacuate is bold. Above the word "Prepare.", there is a stick figure holding a rake and working on a shrub. Above the word "Anticipate.", there is a person holding a written piece of paper with a to-go bag written on the suit case. Above the word "Evacuate.", there is  a car looking like it is driving away with suitcases on top two people driving the car and a dog in the back seat.  Below everything there is a statement that says, "Learn how at LivingWithFire.info"

So often we think of wildfires in terms of how many acres burned or which roads are closed. But for some, those caught in the middle, it’s more a matter of ensuring that their loved ones and pets are accounted for, what to take and what must be left behind. To help residents prepare for such emergencies, this year’s Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month theme can help. It is: Wildfire! Prepare. Anticipate. Evacuate. I’ve prepared myself in some areas and need to do work in others. The following is how I interpret the theme, what I’ve prepared and what else I need to work on.


To me, preparing for wildfire is an ongoing process that I’m still working on. I have completed a home inventory of my belongings. To view three inventory options that I tried and wrote about in a former blog, click here. I continually work to complete my defensible space inspection recommendations. View my defensible space inspection video here.  And I know that I need to create a family evacuation plan suited for my family’s needs.


To anticipate wildfire, I usually monitor the National Weather Service for Red Flag Warnings and check the local fire department/district’s social media accounts for fire updates. I also need to update my family to-go bag to include items for ALL of my family members as we’ve gained a new one recently. You can find tips for what to include on page 16 of our publication found here. Finally I need to assemble a Disaster Supply Kit. I found tips on how to assemble a kit here.


During a wildfire, I need to be able to evacuate quickly and safely when asked. This will be possible because I have prepared and anticipated wildfire. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it is imperative to complete.

To view a powerful video of one family’s experience during a wildfire, click here  and be sure to PREPARE for wildfire, ANTICIPATE wildfire conditions and evacuation needs, and EVACUATE quickly and safely when asked by emergency responders during a wildfire.

Jamie HeadshotJamie Roice-Gomes is the outreach coordinator with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Living with Fire Program.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and a Master of Arts in Interactive Environmental Journalism. She was a public relations assistant for Conrad Communications, a public information officer intern at the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, and a Biological Science Technician at the USDA-Agriculture Research Service. She also enjoys volleyball, the Great Basin Desert, and spending time with family. Contact Jamie at 775-336-0261 or [email protected].

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  1. Kathy McCovey says:

    is there anywhere where I can get help with a defense space? I’m a single woman living in a rural area, low income? The weeds are 3-4 feet high due to all the moisture this year around my house and barn and I am pretty nervous about it, since my tractor is broken.

  2. Jay Wadman says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

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  4. Thank you – we appreciate the feed back!

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